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Going Trad - Traditional Bowhunting Advice and Adventures from the Heart of Elk Country

Web Special! $17.00 plus shipping

Also available as E-Book for $9.99: Going Trad E-Book

Going Trad
Traditional Bowhunting Advice and Adventures from the Heart of Elk Country

2013; Durango, CO: Raven’s Eye Press
220 pages, paper. Retail: $18.00 plus shipping

Description: The well-crafted hunting stories and hands-on advice to be found in Going Trad provide hours of reading delight for novice as well as veteran traditional bowhunters, while offering a rare depth of useful information and inspiration to anyone who wants to get hunting right.

“David Petersen is part of the wild Colorado Rockies, an elk spy as well as an Elkheart.” — Ted Williams

Racks - A Natural History of Antlers and the Animals That Wear Them

Web Special! $18.00 plus shipping

Also available as E-Book for $9.99: Racks E-Book

A Natural History of Antlers and the Animals That Wear Them

Foreword by Valerius Geist
2010; Durango, CO: Raven’s Eye Press
214 pages, paper. Retail price: $19.95 plus shipping

Description: This new 20th Anniversary Edition of “Elkheart’s” long out-of-print natural-history cult classic features new cover art by Thomas Aquinas Daly, original interior art by Michael McCurdy, a foreword and interview with world-renowned deer and antler expert Dr. Valerius Geist, and is revised and updated throughout. While Racks stands solid as a science-based natural history, this new edition has been tailored to be of particular interest to hunter-naturalists.

“When field observations are as well described as David Petersen’s are in Racks, they open up new insights even to scientists.” —Valerius Geist, Ph.D. (from his foreword to Racks)

"Whether you're a hunter, biologist, wildlife photographer or just a casual observer of nature, Racks is must reading if you're interested in the phenomena of antler growth and development."
Gary Wolfe, Ph.D. (former CEO Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation)

A Man Made of Elk - Stories, Advice, and Campfire Philosophy from a Lifetime of Traditional Bowhunting

Stories, Advice, and Campfire Philosophy from a Lifetime of Traditional Bowhunting

Foreword by E. Donnall Thomas
2007; Boise, ID: TBM, Inc.
231 pages, paper: Retail price: $18.95 plus shipping

From the Foreword by Don Thomas: “Like all of the few ‘outdoor’ books that truly deserve to endure, A Man Made of Elk is, well…different. That’s logical enough, for the same can be said of its author. A former Marine pilot and current backwoods intellectual, idealist, iconoclast, and, yes, hunter, Dave Petersen defies categorization as adroitly as his terrific prose…. I know deer hunters, bear hunters, and sheep hunters, but I don’t know anyone else who identifies as completely with one species of game as Dave Petersen identifies with elk. This book’s title goes beyond metaphor; the guy is made of elk.”

On the Wild Edge - In Search of a Natural Life

In Search of a Natural Life

Foreword by John Nichols
2005; New York: Henry Holt & Co.
251 pages, paper: $17.99 plus shipping

Description: In 1980, David Petersen and his wife, Caroline, traded the easy life of Laguna Beach, California, for a snug hand-built cabin at 8,000’ in the Colorado Rockies. Today the author knows that mountain land intimately. He has become so attuned to his environment that when a dead twig snaps, he knows what has stepped on it, how much it weighs, and what its intentions are. In On the Wild Edge, Petersen conflates a quarter century into the adventures of four high-country seasons, tracking the rigors of survival — wild nature’s as well has his own — from the snowmelt that announces the arrival of spring to the decline and death of autumn and winter that will establish the fertile ground needed for the next year’s rebirths.
     “With the heart of a mountain man, a learned eye for what really counts, and a pen as precise as a high-country ligtning strike, Dave Petersen is our guide back to our ancestral home, to the woods and the wild. He gives us hope.” — John Balzar

Ghost Grizzlies - Does the Great Bear Still Haunt Colorado?

New: 3rd edition, with 12 new pages of inside photos!

Web Special! $19.99 plus shipping

Does the Great Bear Still Haunt Colorado?

3rd Edition, 280 pages with photos and index, paper:
Retail $22.00 plus shipping

Also available as E-Book for all reading devices: Ghost Grizzlies E-Book

Description: By 1952 it was thought the grizzly had been wiped out in Colorado, pushed to oblivion by predator-phobic sheep ranchers and government trappers. Even so, through the mid-1900s, ghostly stories of grizzly sightings continued to haunt remote corners of the dark-timbered San Juan Mountains in the southern-most part of the state. Then, one spooky September evening in 1979, a flesh-and-blood grizzly sow was surprised on its daybed in the South San Juans by a bowhunter ... and the rest, as they say, is history.

Or is it? As author and veteran outdoorsman David Petersen takes us along on his quest for evidence of “the next ‘last’ Colorado grizzly,” we find ourselves enjoying a masterful mystery unfolding, character by adventure, page by riveting page. Although Ghost Grizzlies is set in Colorado, it stands as a timeless metaphor for every wild place and creature that finds itself under the gun of human encroachment still today. The 3rd edition of this now-classic book includes a new cover, 12 new pages of b/w photos, and updates throughout. Signed by author.
     “A sharp portrait of the conflict between people and wilderness.” — Publisher’s Weekly

Heartsblood - Hunting, Spirituality, and Wildness in America

Web Special! $17.00 plus shipping

Hunting, Spirituality, and Wildness in America

Foreword by Ted Williams
2000; Raven's Eye Press
269 pages with index, paper Retail $18.00plus shipping

Also available as E-Book: Heartsblood E-Book

Description: In Heartsblood, nationally acclaimed nature writer and veteran outdoorsman David Petersen takes a clear-eyed look at humans and hunting, and reaches conclusions sure to challenge everyone’s preconceptions. He draws clear distinctions between true hunting and contemporary hunter behavior, praising what’s right about the former and damning what’s wrong with the latter. Along with his extensive personal experience, Petersen draws on philosophy, evolutionary science, biology, and empirical studies to create an engaging and literate work that offers a unique look at hunting, hunters, anti-hunting, and, in the words of the author, "life’s basic truths."
     “The man convinces me. I not only respect his practice of hunting, I am in awe of it…. Petersen practices a kind of awareness akin to that of the great spiritual traditions.” — Washington Post Book World

Cedar Mesa - A Place Where Spirits Dwell
$10.99 Postage Included

Web Special! $10.99, postage included

A Place Where Spirits Dwell

Photos by Branson Reynolds
2002; Tucson: University of Arizona Press
Retail: $13.00 86 pages, paperback

Description: Cedar Mesa, in Southeast Utah, is also known as Comb Wash and comprises the heart of the magnificent moonscape now protected as Bears Ears National Monument. Animated by towering sandstone hoodoos and deep winding canyons, and sprinkled throughout with prehistoric Anasazi Indian ruins, Cedar Mesa, in author David Petersen’s words, is “an undulating expanse of erosion-sculpted sandstone slickrock like petrified ocean waves.” With its relative lack of roads, campgrounds, and maintained trails, Cedar Mesa is an ethereal Eden for personal discovery and hands-on adventure. This compact book eloquently celebrates and intimately interprets what Petersen calls “one of the most palpably spiritual places remaining on the American continent.” Petersen’s deeply personal text is beautifully amplified by moody black-and-white photos by fellow canyon-crawler Branson Reynolds.

"I have come to rely on Dave Petersen’s words as truth — as a point of sanity in a world increasingly gone mad." – Terry Tempest Williams

Elkheart - A Personal Tribute to Wapiti and their World


Paperback Web Special $15.00 plus shipping

A Personal Tribute to Wapiti and Their World

Foreword by Dan Crockett
1998; Boulder: Johnson Books
213 pages, paper:

Retail: Paperback, $16.00 plus shipping

Description: In Elkheart, critically acclaimed naturalist and essayist David Petersen presents a deeply personal, intimately informed, and (by his own admission) “somewhat eccentric” portrait of the North American elk, or wapiti, and its wild and woolly world.
     “Elkheart is a fascinating journey into the soul of a man whose passion is the America elk, whose spirit lives deep in the mountain country, and whose voice resonates with the power of the wild.” — Richard Nelson

Writing Naturally - A Down-to-Earth Guide to Nature Writing

Web Special! $13.00 plus shipping

A Down-to-Earth Guide to Nature Writing

Foreword by H. Emerson Blake
2014; Raven's Eye Press
200 pages with index, paper
Retail: $14.00 plus shipping

Also available as E-Book for all reading devices: Writing Naturally E-Book

Description: David Petersen is a writer’s writer. With a quarter-century of continuous freelancing, overlain by a dozen years as a staff magazine editor and a decade as a college writing instructor, and with hundreds of magazine pieces and 15 nonfiction books (all with nature themes, plus more than 40 children’s educational nonfiction titles), this critically acclaimed author is uniquely qualified to write about his genre and craft.
     “David Petersen writes with the precision of a scientist and the passion of a poet. I have a hunch he spends more time outside than in because his prose is alive.” — Terry Tempest Williams