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On The Wild Edge:
Hunting For a Natural Life

"David Petersen is a careful man in the forest.
He moves unobtrusively and lusts to be alone. Bears have walked right by him unawares. Elk have approached so close he could have reached out and touched their muzzles or antlers. His compassion for wild territory is close to unique. The fact that he can write so intimately and convincingly about wild country and animals makes him one of our more interesting literary figures. His observations are scientific, lyrical, from the heart. His clear, direct, and often humorous prose is imbued with much knowledge, many marvels, and occasional outrage. His writing is also rich with mystery and soul. Over the years, Petersen's body of work, steeped in a personal natural history and conservation ethic, has helped explain the American West. His work transcends science and even literature: it is polemic for survival."   John Nichols

Going Trad - Traditional Bowhunting Advice and Adventures from the Heart of Elk Country 
Ghost Grizzlies - Does the Great Bear Still Haunt Colorado? 
A Man Made of Elk - Stories, Advice, and Campfire Philosophy from a Lifetime of Traditional Bowhunting
Racks - A Natural History of Antlers and the Animals That Wear Them 
Heartsblood - Hunting, Spirituality, and Wildness in America 
Cedar Mesa - A Place Where Spirits Dwell  
The Nearby Faraway - A Personal Journey Through the Heart of the West  
Elkheart - A Personal Tribute to Wapiti and their World 
Writing Naturally - A Down-to-Earth Guide to Nature Writing